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How To Choose a Removals Company In Cheltenham

There are a lot of removal companies in Cheltenham offering what seem to be similar removal services for clients in and around Cheltenham. We strongly recommend only choosing a removal company in Cheltenham, after considering the questions and points on our checklist below:

Removal Companies in Cheltenham – Questions to ask before choosing

  • Do they have consistently good reviews on social media?
  • Do they offer FREE no-obligation removal quotations?
  • Do they visit in order to fully assess your removal needs?
  • Do they offer a fixed price quote?
  • How do they protect delicate furniture?
  • Will you have a consistent point of contact?
  • Do they carry comprehensive removal insurance?
  • Do they carry public liability insurance?
  • Do they own their own removal vehicles?
  • How do they pack fragile items?
  • How much experience will the removal team leader have?
  • How much experience will the porters have?
  • Check that any perspective removals company is fully equipped for more challenging moves or items. For example, any good movers should have a piano trolly, purpose-made sofa and chair covers, bespoke crates and packaging for valuable artwork among many other things.
  • Always ask to inspect public liability and removals insurance certificates. No genuine removal service will refuse as this is a common due diligence request.
  • Don't just rely on testimonials on your perspective removal companies website, look on social media and on forums for reviews. Companies can control exactly what goes on to their website, reviews on social media are more difficult to suppress or censor.

Now we've given you some things to check, it's time to tell you why MiniMoves is so great!

With so many removal companies in Cheltenham, why should you choose MiniMoves Removals?

MiniMoves have all the right answers to all the questions you should ask removal companies in Cheltenham, but don't take our word for it, check our reviews both on our site and on social media. We're proud of our service, and we're truly grateful to our customers for sharing their experiences.

MiniMoves is a family run removal company based in Cheltenham. The business owners, Richie, Joanne and Dave Lane, a husband, wife and brother team, take pride in providing clients with an excellent removal service.

“We are not in it just to run a revenue generating business, we actually love meeting a variety of people with interesting stories to tell, living in interesting and often beautiful places owning rare, valuable and sometime challenging pieces. To move them from A to B without mishap and to help them establish themselves in their new home is great fun’’

  • MiniMoves offer FREE no-obligation removal quotations and a full site survey (this is important)
  • You can trust our teams. The removal team we send you will be intelligent, trustworthy and experienced, with a highly skilled team leader.
  • MiniMoves always offer a fixed price quote when possible. We properly prepare so that we can stand by our quote with confidence. There are no nasty surprises when it comes to paying.
  • With MiniMoves, you'll have a consistent point of contact throughout your move, from quotation to unpacking. At any stage, you'll be able to pick up the phone and reach your contact at MiniMoves.

We Take Extra Care

MiniMoves has an ‘Intensive Care’ policy with all fragile/vulnerable, valuable furniture. All antique furniture is blanket wrapped and cling-filmed before the item of furniture leaves the room.

This will protect the furniture during the transfer from the room to the removal vehicle, and whilst on the removal vehicle during transit.

Armchairs and sofas have purpose-made quilted protective covers as do mattresses.

Our care of your property reaches beyond the packing. We always carefully strategise the loading of our vehicles. All the expert packing and specialist packing material in the world won't help if the vans are loaded badly. 

  • When you're choosing a removals company, try to find some pictures of them loading a van. See how secure and protected the items look while loaded.

Carrying sofa with a furniture protection cover

For further information about our removal services in Cheltenham, Malvern, Cirencester and Bristol please do not hesitate to contact us:

For MiniMoves removal companies in Cheltenham please phone 01242650013

For MiniMoves removal companies in Malvern please phone 01684 342022

For MiniMoves removal companies in Cirencester please phone 01285 610066

For MiniMoves removal companies in Bristol please phone 0117 3251600