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MiniMoves removals are well established in Cheltenham, but did you know that our full range of services are available in Gloucester? Gloucester is home to a number of large removals companies, in fact one of Gloucester’s famous historic buildings is the old Pickfords warehouse, now a climbing centre.

While MiniMoves can’t boast the sort of history that leaves a trail of historic buildings, we can offer you a fresh perspective. A lot of our clients use words like ‘breath of fresh air’ when they talk about the service they have received from MiniMoves which is exactly what we are aiming for. We are a young family owned and run company. We have gained huge amounts of experience since we began in 2005, and many of us were in the removals industry prior to this, but as well as experience, we bring a truly personal touch.

Richie Lane is our usual surveyor, he will visit your property and provide a quote. He will take note of items that need disassembling, difficult access points, and any special items that require extra care or equipment. With this knowledge, MiniMoves can plan your move well, and because we always plan well, we are confident enough to offer fixed price quotes. Many removals companies charge by the hour, if things don’t go as expected, delays could be costly.


There are lots of established removals companies in Gloucester, what makes MiniMoves special?

We are a small company who provide a big service. This means that we are happy and capable of moving a mansion, with as much ease as we move a single sofa.

Because we have a small company structure, you’ll have a single point of contact throughout the whole process. This will usually be Richie Lane, our surveyor and owner of MiniMoves.

By the time your move day arrives, you’ll probably be on first name terms with our team. Many companies underestimate that kind of personal service, but we believe it’s what makes us so good at what we do.

We are fully insured We believe anyone who handles and moves your belongings should do everything possible to protect them whilst in their care, so it amazes us still that many removals services don’t carry adequate insurance. Don’t save money by using a service that doesn’t carry proper insurance. It’s really not worth it. Any reputable removals company will gladly supply their insurance certificates for inspection.

Experienced Teams. Our teams are highly skilled and experienced, taking a huge pride in doing the job they do. There will always be a team leader on site to coordinate the operation and lease with you. We’re very proud of our teams and the feedback they regularly get, a lot of which you can read here and on social media.

We don’t use a formula to quote. No two moves are the same. That’s why we’ll already be aware of any challenges before we arrive with you in the morning. Access issues can be planned around, as can difficult parking and awkward stairs.

Experts at specialist and awkward items. If we need specialist equipment to safely move your items, we’ll have it on the vehicles. We’ve moved pianos, hot tubs, statues and a lot more besides.

Experienced packing team, or professional packing material supply. If you would like us to pack for you, we’ll send a team to you prior to the removals team attending. if you look at the packing page on this site, you’ll see the care we take to look after your belongings during your move. If you’d like to pack yourself we can supply professional removal packing materials and covers. Just contact us for details. We’ll even drop the materials off to you and pick them up if we can.

We really do care. We know it sounds cheesy, but we do. We get to know our clients and the specifics of their move and that allows us to deliver a better service. Many clients become regulars, and some even become friends.

We will visit you in Gloucester and the surrounding villages to have a chat about your move and provide you with a fixed quote. There’s no charge, no obligation and no pressure (but we usually won’t say no to a coffee if there’s one going).

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